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Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel 1300-Watt Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Reusable Dust Bag is a gadget to keep your homes spic and span. Its high quality suction mechanism hauls both solid matter and fluids through the intake port, and impels them with a great force through the tube and into the vent of the dust bag. It can not only remove the flimsiest of particles like pet hair, cobwebs, and moths but also the toughest of stains with utmost ease. It also dries off damp floors instantly. This model comes with blower function which extracts scum from even the places that are tough to access. Furthermore, the blower comes in handy to blow out the dust and other debris into the trash can or landfill. The cleaner has a stainless steel build, and comes with a power adapter. With excellent air flow and water lift capabilities, Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner offers a hygienic and wholesome environment. A dust bag is provided. "Dust bag full" indicator alarms the user when the bag is full and is likely to impede the airflow in the cleaner. This timely warning helps us to unload its contents and continue cleaning without any obstruction. Power control can be fine tuned to suit our varying cleaning needs. A single touch actuates the automatic rewinding of the cord. Small size helps in easy transportation, storage, and maintenance, making it a stellar and user-friendly product. This vacuum cleaner can be used to clean floors, carpets, curtains, and also the hard-to-reach nooks and corners in the household.